AD Colour Screen Medium

Distant Lands Detail

Distand Lands 2014

This screen print,  “Distant Lands”,  38 x 50 cm,  was made whilst experimenting with AD Colour water based screen medium here in the print studio. The AD Colour medium creates a very glossy ink, most water based ink tends to be matt. The medium dries on the paper very quickly and has an almost plasticy feel which allows you to build up a textual quality to the print surface, especially when printing through coarse  45 mesh screens.  You can just about make this out from the “detail” image. The plasticy quality to the dry ink  seems to create a more durable print (than System 3 medium) when printing onto non porous substrates such as perspex and glass. The medium was used with our usual TW Pigments. A retarder is added to the mixed ink, about two – three capfuls to stop it drying into the mesh whilst printing.