Detail. Woodcut background detail. Paul DewisWoodcut background for “Silence of Birds” woodcut series. 47 x 65cm. Paul Dewis.Digital print, woodcut background for “Silence of Birds” woodcut series. 47 x 65cm. Paul Dewis.John Taylor. Woodcut 1641.  Printed by John Stockley at a print demonstration at the Rylands Library, Manchester. For more information click on the Pamphlet wars link below:-

Pamphlet wars

Rebecca Price. Woodcuts.Paul Dewis. Woodcut 40 x 28cm.Rolina Blok. Stop out varnish screenprinted onto the lito stone.

Pierre Antione Martin. Etching detail.

Paul Dewis. Woodcuts 40 x 30 cm.  Works in progress.

Pierre Antoine Martin. Framed Etchings.

Andrew Long. Lino cuts from the series “Our shit 2016”. Image size  40 x 54 cm

Paul Dewis. Work in progress.

Image size 37 x 25 cm


Image size. 27cm x 38 cm

Alix  Bortoli. Lithographs.

Vitoria Bastos.  Lava. Etching 13 x 9 cm.

Vitoria Bastos. Lava. 29.5 x 35 x 26 cm. Vacuum formed screenprint.

Piere Antoine Martin. Monad’s Garden. Part 3. Hard Ground etching work in progress. Plate 61 x 91cm.

Jorge Martin. Screenprint on foam. 110 cm x 300 cm.

Paul Dewis. Woodcut work in progress.

Zoe Landron. Photo, mono screen print. 58 x 71 cm.

Photopolymer prints. Detail.

Nicolas Strappini.

My work involves the documentation of scientific experiments with a view to assessing their aesthetic potential. I am currently in my second year of study at Central Saint Martins on the MA Art and Science course. I have been exploring the possibilities of using electricity as an artistic tool. Through using a Wimshurst machine, I have been charging up plastic surfaces with static then dusting powders on the surface, thus visualising the invisible Lichtenberg figures left in the plastic. The works are direct visual representations of electricity.

Piere Antoine Martin. Monad’s Garden. Part 3. Hard Ground etching work in progress. Plate 61 x 91cm.

calaverafor-blob-1skull-for-blog-2Paul Dewis. Drawing’s on wood, pencil and Posca pens. 40 cm x 30 cm. Not sure what all the skulls are about, probably slightly influenced by Vanitas paintings and some of Jim Dines woodcuts, but also as it’s just a really good thing to draw. Most of my prints are usually based on manipulated photographic imagery and made in a very drawn out, layered process.   With these I wanted to make some work in a very direct way that involved drawing. The drawing’s are the basis for woodcuts.

dragon-stagesStages, proofs and the  block for the bronze, sepia layer from Kaz Dewis’s four colour, four block woodcut Dragonfly.

tiger-mothTiger Moth. Woodcut. 41 x 29 cm.

tiger-moth-2Kaz Dewis. Angle Shades Moth. Woodcut 41 x 29cm.

tiger-moth-1Tiger Moth 2. Woodcut 29 x 41 cm.

dragonflyDragonfly. Woodcut 29 x 41cm.

clavera-processPaul Dewis. Cut block, second stage proof, drawing for second block and drawing transfered onto the second block ready for cutting.
calvera-stage-1First stage proof. 40 cm x 28.5 cm.

calaver-blockCut block ready for printing.

calaversPaul Dewis.  Drawing on wood for wood cut.  40 x 28.5 cm

pippaPippa Brabyn. Three Footprints.  Photo etching 41.5 cm x 27cm

convergent-evolution-mainRebeca Price. Convergent Evolution.  Etching. Image 14cm x 14cm


Tower People JOJO

Jo Jo Taylor. Tower People. Hand coloured etching.

Pierre 2 BlogPierre MPierre – Antoine Martin. Etched plate.

Dog 4Cage Hunting Dog. Becky Price. Etching 25 x 18 cm.

Dog 1Dog 2Dog 3Dog 5Dog 6ALISHA 2ALISHA 4ALISHA 5ALISHA3ALSHA 113115969_1178290298871359_8543157899015181740_oAlisha Mir. Etchings on steel. 60 x 60 cm.


Cat Robertson. Detail.


Dave Stewart. Etching 28 x 43 cm.


Joshua Tabti. Quiberville. Photo etched aluminium. 68 x 68 cm.

LAURA 2Laura 3LAURALaura Hollingworth. Lino cut printed concertina book.


Rolina Blok. Screen print vacum formed sculpture.


Paul Dewis. Wendy Chapple. Scorpione. Relief print, wooden frame. 28.5 x 28.5 cm.

TALK 1MOTEFIOREMontefiore.  Paul Dewis Woodcut.  40 x 60 cm


BLOCKWoodblock from Montefiore. The print was made using a single block cut reductively.


Rebecca Price. Screenprinted, hand cut  book.

Fran 1Francesca Monticelli. Screenprint 21 x 84 cm.

Fran 2Detail.FRANFrancesca Monticelli. Works in progress. Screenprint on paper, wood and perspex.

HandWork in progress 2Work in progressPaul Dewis. Night Print series. Work in progress. Woodcut 68 x 100 cm.

Antonia 11Antonia Scwaiges. Screenprint 26.5 x 37 cm.


Antonia 2

BLOG VEST 1BLOG VEST DETAILPaul Dewis. 2 Colour Screenprinted vest.

tie.jpg tie 2.jpgWendy Chapple, Print tutor. Tying the Knot 1 & 2. Screenprint 70 cm x 100cm.

Wendy’s prints will be shown as part of the A+: 100 years of  Visual Communication by women in the Window Galleries at CSM Kings Cross. 16th Feb – 25th March. PV 24th Feb 6-8pm.

Wendy TsengWen Yi Tseng. Linocut. 30 x  20 cm

James Kelly Collage for blogJames Kelly. James Tailor after Magritte. Screenprint. 70 x 180 cm.

James Kelly for Blog 1James Kelly. James Taylor after Magritte. Screenprint. 70 x 100 cm

JoJo1stJoJo1JoJo4_MG_1265JoJo2JoJo Taylor. Screenprint on ice. 25 cm diameter.


Charlotte NEW 1

Charlotte Whiston. “Emergence.”  Screenprint. 30 cm x 39 cm


Charlotte NEW 2

Charlotte Whiston. “Divisibility of the body 1”. Screenprint. 20 cm x 29 cm.


Charlotte NEW 3

Charlotte Whiston. “Emergence with head + primary colours”. Screenprint 19 cm x 24 cm.


Pierre Group for BLOGPIERRE GREY


Pierre 4Pierre 1Pierre – Antoine Martin. “An outlandish afternoon”.   Etching.  All prints 70cm x 100 cm.

Laura blog 1Laura blog 2 blogLaura blog 3Laura Hollingworth. Scrooge’s Existential Crisis. Screen prints with mono screen print. 40 x 30 cm.


Cat 2

Cat Robertson. Woodcut 40 x 40 cm

Cat Robertson. Woodcuts. 32 x 25 cm approx.

Cat Robertson. Woodcuts. 32 cm x 32 cm approx.


Neba 3 2 Neba 4Neba Sere. MA Cities and Innovation. Screenprints on plywood. 100cm x 100cm approx.

Halloween 2


Halloween Print Studio.

Halloween Print Studio.


SAM BAILEYSam Bailey.  Screenprint. 90cm x 60cm

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